Pronunciation is Everything

Hard G or Soft J? Battle Over ‘GIF’ Pronunciation Erupts (2013, New York Times) An Honor for the Creator of the GIF (2013, New York Times) The Creator of the GIF Says It’s Pronounced JIF. He Is Wrong (2013, Gizmodo) GIF vs. JIF: You’re Probably Still Saying It Wrong (2014, Mashable) How to pronounce GIF, […]

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Re Animate Public Art

GIF IT UP is an international competition to find the best gifs using public domain and openly licensed digital video, images, text, and other material found in DPLA and other participating digital libraries. Featured Image: 2016 GIF IT UP Grand Prize Winner, created by Jeff Gill and Kristen Carter using material from Europeana.

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To Illustrate a Concept

The geometry of a perfect parallel park. — Simon Pampena (@mathemaniac) November 25, 2016 Manifest destiny and westward expansion in one gif. — Dr. Elliott L. Watson (@thelibrarian6) March 24, 2019 Featured Image: Pixabay image by StockSnap shared into the public domain using Creative Commons CC0.

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Microphotographic Cinema

“I ran across this animated GIF of C. elegans on the move while putting together the previous post on optogenetics. It’s the work of Bob Goldstein of the University of North Carolina’s biology department, who has created a large body of microphotographic cinema. This little looping movie of a sinuous nematode seems nearly the perfect […]

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Not So New Art Form

These Incredible Animated GIFs Are More Than 150 Years Old More than 150 years before Buzzfeed uploaded its first cat GIF, people were already captivated by looping animations. In those days, of course, there was no photoshop or screen grabbing, no Tumblrs and Twitter to help craft and share the perfect GIF. Rather, artists relied […]

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